Crack Filling

Cincinnati Asphalt - Crack Filling
As with all outdoor surfaces, weather and other environmental changes can affect and age your pavement. Oftentimes, cracks will form. If you spot any cracks in your pavement, it’s important to address and fix them as soon as possible. Cincinnati Ashaplt’s crack-filling services will help save you money and avoid costly repairs down the line.

The Process

Prepare the Surface

We prep the surface and remove any debris using a wire brush, broom, or compressed air.

Apply the Filler

Next, we apply the crack-filling material using a caulk gun—much like how someone would caulk tile.

Finish and Cure

Finally, we smooth the filler with a putty knife or trowel.

Key Benefits

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Cincinnati Asphalt is a frontrunner in the pavement services industry. Located in the Cincinnati area, we proudly serve clients throughout Greater Cincinnati, Southeast Indiana, and Northern Kentucky.

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