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Cincinnati Asphalt - Demolition Services

Got a structure that needs removal? Cincinnati Asphalt provides safe and professional full-scale demolition services for the removal of commercial, industrial & residential structures and facilities.

With the ability to mitigate liabilities and work in challenging environments, we provide high-caliber services while abiding by best safety practices. From permits and utility disconnections to clean-up and grading of the lot, we have all the grounds covered.

How We Do It

1. Surveying

First, we must survey the structure. This includes addressing any concerns about drainage conditions, safety hazards, materials, and neighboring facilities and walkways.

2. Removal of Hazardous Materials

Next, we’ll remove any hazardous materials such as asbestos or wastewater.

3. Site Plan and Preparation

Once the building is free from hazardous materials, we’ll create a demolition plan that includes public safety acknowledgment and debris removal.

4. Begin Demolition

We don’t demolish structures in one full pass. Instead, we use special equipment to remove your building piece by piece to ensure the safety of our team.

The Benefits of Demolition Services

Our Service Areas

Cincinnati Asphalt is a frontrunner in the pavement services industry. Located in the Cincinnati area, we proudly serve clients throughout Greater Cincinnati, Southeast Indiana, and Northern Kentucky.

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