What Is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating creates a barrier, protecting the asphalt from oxidation, infiltration of water, and other external elements that may contribute to deterioration. Investing in sealcoating solutions can prolong the life of your asphalt and reduce the need for repairs.

How Often Is Sealcoating Needed?

Not often, however, three key factors determine how often your pavement needs sealcoating services.

The pavement’s age and condition
The pavement’s frequency of use
Local climate and weather conditions

What’s the Difference? Reactive vs. Proactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance

Initially, reactive maintenance is cheaper. However, it’s more expensive in the long run. Reactive maintenance isn’t the same as proactive maintenance since it’s a crisis-based approach. This type of maintenance neglects work responsibilities and causes delays and downtime.

Preventative Maintenance

Unlike reactive maintenance, preventative maintenance is a proactive approach to asphalt. It helps you cut costs, increases the lifespan of your pavement, and reflects an organized workflow. This is our recommended choice for all our clients.

How We Do It

Sealcoating is a protective treatment applied to pavements. This helps extend the lifespan of asphalt and protects it from damage. Here’s how we sealcoat:


First, we remove all debris and vegetation from the area. We clean the pavement to make sure the sealcoat will properly adhere, also filling in any cracks or potholes along the way.

Edge and Tape

Next, we use tape to protect any surfaces that we don’t want the sealcoating to touch.

Apply the Sealcoat

Next, a coal-tar-based or asphalt-based emulsion is mixed. We apply this using a spray system or squeegee, depending on the area’s size and type.

Coat Application

We ensure an even, uniform coat of sealant, adhering to the recommended thickness—typically 1/16 to 1/8 inch—to cover the entire surface without any gaps.

Dry and Cure

The sealcoat is left to dry and cure, depending on temperature and humidity. This can take anywhere from 12 to 36 hours.

Apply Striping and Markings

After the sealcoat has cured, we reapply any markings, parking lines, and other pavement signs as needed.

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