Cincinnati Asphalt offers lime and cement stabilization solutions to modify and strengthen sub-grade conditions on projects, including loose soils and over-saturated clay and soils.

Our Cement & Lime Stabilization Services have the capability to modify existing soft and problem soils or substandard materials by modifying them through utilization and injection of Portland cement or Lime. The result is a highly stable sub-grade ready for asphalt paving, concrete installation or construction.

Our soil stabilization services offer you many advantages, including:

  • Removing moisture from the soil and augmenting it for improved load-bearing capacity.
  • Eliminating moisture from soil allows for speedy access to sites that might not be available otherwise due to unsatisfactory conditions allowing for more aggressive construction scheduling.
  • Reducing the hauling away or importing of material, cutting out unnecessary trucking and disposal costs.
  • Reducing post-construction settlement and circumventing costly repairs.

Our Soil Stabilization Services Include:

  • Quick Lime
  • Soil Cement
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Lime Stabilizing
  • Soil Correction Work
  • Soil Modification
  • Chemical Soil Modification
  • Chemically Treated Soil
  • Lime Dry Down
  • Lime Modification

At Cincinnati Asphalt, we have broad experience assessing, treating, altering, and stabilizing soils. We have worked on numerous soil stabilization projects, including building sites, roadways, parking, site developments, and many other situations where the soils are not suitable or ideal for construction.

Give us a call today to discuss your next soil stabilization or excavation project.

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